Baby's Sleep & the end of Daylight Savings Time
Kissy Kissy
October 5, 2015

If you've ever gotten your baby to sleep through the night for even two consecutive days, then you know the exhilaration that comes from getting that extra shut-eye for yourself. But as is too often the case, good sleeping patterns don't seem to last long. There's always something conspiring against you be it growth spurts that call for middle of the night feedings or schedule changes that force you to get baby out of his or her routine. Well, here comes another one: the end of Daylight Savings Time. But the experts say it doesn't have to derail your peaceful nights.

At first the end of Daylight Savings Time might should fantastic. What new parent wouldn't welcome an extra hour of sleep when the clocks fall back? Unfortunately, you might end up paying for the hour in the not-so-long run. With the time change, baby's regular bedtime will shift one hour later. To avoid an abrupt change, Shelly Weiss a pediatric neurologist at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children and president of the Canadian Sleep Society, told Today's Parent its best if you ease your child toward his or her new bedtime leading up to the time change, which this year happens on November 1st.

A few days before, put baby to bed 15 minutes later, she says. Then add another 15 minutes a day or two later and continue until he or she is going to bed an hour later. And of course, their wake up times and other activities should shift accordingly so he or she still gets the National Institutes of Health's recommended 16-18 hours of sleep they need per day.

With a little planning, the end of Daylight Savings Time doesn't have to mean the end of your sanity. Got any other sleep-related tips you'd like to share?

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