The End of "Post-Baby Bodies" & Other Myths
Kissy Kissy
October 8, 2015

The End of "Post-Baby Bodies" & Other Myths

There's no denying that we're focused on looks in our culture. If you're a woman, that's certainly not news to you. And while most of us manage to maintain a healthy outlook and rise above the chatter about "bikini bodies" and such, admittedly, it's a lot harder to do at one point in our lives—immediately after giving birth. Instead of focusing on our new amazing bundle of joy—and the never-ending loads of laundry that came with him or her—it seems that tabloids would rather we hop on the treadmill.

Instead of giving new moms a break (or you know, celebrating them!), the pages of weekly magazines are constantly spotlighting celebrity moms who've recently given birth and either glorify their lightening-quick snap back to their "pre-baby bod" or criticize any poor soul who hasn't magically dropped the baby weight. Thankfully, we're not celebs, right? Right, but we're also not immune to the unrealistic expectations these stories create. Instead of focusing on how quickly a woman can get back into her skinny jeans post pregnancy, wouldn't it be nice if the fourth trimester—the three months after giving birth—really became a thing that was as recognized and cherished as the previous three?

We recently read an article from a blogger at Glamour magazine who'd just had her third child. And we loved what it said about motherhood, body image and perspective. She also called for a boycott of body-shaming stories, saying: "When you see any headline with any variation on "post-baby body" in it, just don't click. As someone who has been employed as an online writer for a long time now, I promise you that editors will notice that we're all not clicking and that those stories will dwindle and eventually disappear."

Read her post for yourself here. Then tell us, how did you keep a realistic outlook on your post-baby figure?

(Professional blowout aside, Kate Middleton was praised for showing what a post baby body looks like. Photo via

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