Baby Photo Tip: Get close
Kissy Kissy
March 14, 2016


They grow so fast! So it's important to try to capture at least a few keepsake-quality pictures of your baby. While professional shots are great, there are so many moments between those planned sessions that just must be preserved!

Our next tip for taking amazing picture of your baby is to carefully frame your shot.

  • Think about those little details of his or her body that you absolutely adore and focus on those.
  • Whether its her tiny little fingers or his adorable dimple, don't be shy. Step in close. While you'll want to take plenty of full-body shots too, this is the time to fill the frame with just your baby's face or hands.

Because you'll capture expressions and characteristics you might otherwise miss, we're sure these closely-framed photos will end up being some of your favorite picture of your baby.

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