From shower to sprinkle for baby No. 2?
Kissy Kissy
March 17, 2016

Here's a question: You're pregnant with your second or third (or fourth?) baby, is it appropriate to have a baby shower?

One the one hand, all babies deserve to be celebrated. On the other, you probably don't really need anything. And won't your friends and family be annoyed to receive an invitation to another shower? Past etiquette dictated showers for just the first born but that seems awfully draconian in the age of gender reveal parties and over-the-top baby announcements.

The etiquette expert from recently fielded this question, and her thoughts were basically: yes, celebrate the baby on they way no matter how many you've had, but don't host it for yourself and consider keeping the invitation list to immediate family.

Blogger Amalah over at also gives the second shower a nod but says: " If you really do want to throw the party on your own, that’s fine, but NO registry, and NO expectations of any specific kind of gift. Or any gifts at all. Your guests’ attendance and company is a gift in and of itself."

Even the New York Times weighed in a few years ago, touting the "sprinkle," a smaller celebration without all of the trappings of a traditional shower, and the "sip and see," a gathering that invites friends and family to come have their first audience with the new arrival. And while some people might still bring gifts, typically these are gift-free (or small-gift) affairs.

So it seems, the consensus these days is yes on a party for the little munchkin—though maybe less lavish and more reserved. What do you think? Did you have baby showers after your first child?

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