Baby Photo Tip: Think Inside the Crib
Kissy Kissy
March 21, 2016



A big part of taking cute, sharable baby pictures is picking the right spot. While action shots among their toys are great and no one can resist the high-chair-covered-in-carrot-puree pic, for a portrait, you'll want to find a place that will allow you to keep the focus on your baby.

This baby picture photo tip is: think inside the crib (or bassinet or Moses basket). It's ideal because:

  • it provides scale so you can see how big your babe is getting
  • it keeps them contained and not crawling around
  • they're happy there
  • your bedding is a cute backdrop

And if baby happens to fall asleep while your shooting, you'll end up with a sweet shot... and you can just tiptoe out of the room!

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