Plush with Purpose
Kissy Kissy
May 24, 2016

Every baby deserves a special stuffed animal, one he or she will bond with and derive comfort from. But what if there were a way for that plush friend to do so much more?

Meet Oja Moon, a collection of handmade cashmere bears, elephants, monkeys and rabbits that are as cute as they are kind. Each of these little guys is made by a woman in Nepal who is struggling financially to support her children and provide them with basic necessities like an education. And not only does Oja Moon help provide an income for these families, but through the Kids of Kathmandu charity, proceeds from the sale of each animal feeds 10 children in the nearby NYCDS orphanage for a day. Now that's plush with a purpose!

Oja Moon is the brain child of NYC-based photographer Jami Saunders as a way to help fund her charitable efforts in support of Nepalese orphans and special needs children. (Read more about her and Kids of Kathmandu here.) As you might have heard, we're partnering with Jami on our upcoming NYC shoot. (Get all of the details on how your child could be included here.) We love what she's doing for the people of Nepal, especially since one of  the greatest joys that comes from Kissy Kissy is the knowledge that our brand creates employment for many in Peru that would otherwise be unable to support their families.

Shop Oja Moon. And, if you're in the NYC-area, enter our contest here, and your baby could be a Kissy Kissy & Oja Moon model!

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