Designing Kissy Kissy
Kissy Kissy
August 10, 2016


Ever wonder how each Kissy Kissy collection comes together each season? Well, we'll be taking you behind the scenes to show you what it takes to deliver your garments. First up is the design process.

Each season we offer more than 40 different prints and themes! Many of these come in coordinating girls and boys colors plus a gender neutral option like ecru, yellow, green or—our latest—silver!

Our initial step determining which of our latest styles were the biggest hit with you, our fans. While there are always moms who may love a garment for her own reasons, some pieces seem to strike a chord with almost everyone, becoming universally popular and selling out quickly. When that happens, we try to develop a new a grouping that incorporates many of the characteristics that endeared that one to you. It might have been the color combination, the illustration style, the theme or the embellishments. In addition to those pieces, we always keep your favorite animals, transportation or sports themes in mind along with any upcoming holidays for which you'll want to dress baby!

All of our ideas go into our big three-ring binders, and it's there where we'll swap in new ideas and updated iterations of our initial designs for weeks leading up to the point when we make our final decisions. (If you haven't noticed, we're really detail oriented!)

Meanwhile, our design team carefully considers how to bring each garment to life, starting with an embroidery or print, then determining how it should look on each body (for example a footie or a romper). Finally, trims are selected like piping or scalloping. Lots of ideas are considered and discarded before finally, we have the perfect look!

Designing Kissy Kissy is a lot of work each season but it's so worth it when we see our pieces on your babies!

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