Making Kissy Kissy
Kissy Kissy
August 31, 2016


In our last behind-the-scenes post, we told you all about how we design Kissy Kissy collections each season. This time, we'll show you how your garments were made.

We work with amazing factories—some of which we've been with since we launched the brand almost 20 years ago. Back then, we were one of the first American brands to be produced in Peru so finding the right partners to work with was a challenge, even for Kissy Kissy's owner, Roxana Castillo, who is Peruvian! Even today, she still travels back and forth from our headquarters in New Jersey to assist with the many, many steps it takes to go from designs on paper to clothing in stores.

So how does it work? First we have to order the fabric (bolts and bolts of our super soft Peruvian Pima cotton), thread, snaps, trims, etc. Once we receive the fabric, it must be printed. This happens through a process called screenprinting, using huge screens with our prints, which are laid on the fabric while paint is pushed through with a tool that looks like a squeegee. Each color that appears in your little flower, pirate, duck or antique car is applied separately in this way.

Once the fabric is printed, it must be cut out according to our patterns. Each gown, footie, romper, dress and bodysuit starts off as multiple pieces for the body, collar, bodice, skirt, etc. Multiple layers of fabric are cut at once. If your outfit has embroidery or smocking, that needlework is done next either by machine or hand.

Now comes the sewing. Our team of sewers are expert at assembling each garment, one part at a time, assembly-line style. One person might sew the sleeves, while someone else creates the gathers for the waistband, while another person is responsible for applying the snaps and so it goes. In the end, our quality control people examine at every piece before it leaves to make sure everything is exactly right!

It really does take a village to create these itty bitty little fashions!

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