Baby Photo Tip: Have Fun
Kissy Kissy
September 7, 2016

Like most new moms, you're probably snapping pics of your kids all day—every day! And while you can't get enough of his or her every smile, scowl and snooze, sometimes you might have the impulse to create a funny scenario to spice up your photos. Do it!

Of course, safety first. No matter how funny or unexpected the would-be shot might be, it's not worth putting baby in danger. But there are plenty of ways to take harmless but fun snaps that'll make your friends Insta-jealous! Here are a few ideas:

  • Think seasonal. Is there a holiday or special day (like National Chocolate Day or Family Pet Day) coming up? Create a themed vignette to celebrate.
  • Flex your Photoshop skills. Take ordinary pics of your baby and create wonder-filled adventures with the help of your favorite photo editing software.
  • Create a new world. Using elaborately positioned props, some parents have created fantistical settings for their little ones. You could do your own (simpler version).
  • Enlist the family pet. There's no question that babies are adorable. But there may be one thing that's cuter: babies and animals! Get Fido in the frame for an irresistible image.
  • Play with perspective. You've heard of baby mugging, right? The photo phenom is an example of how easy it is to create a funny photo in no time.

With just a little creativity, you can create a keepsake for you to love and for your future teenager to be embarrassed of. (Hey, that's what they call parental payback!)

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