Travel With Baby
Kissy Kissy
October 19, 2016

The holidays are coming, and you know what that means: trips to visit the family across the country. Yay! But while it will be great to see aunts, uncles and grandparents, for some of you reuniting will mean your first airplane ride with baby. If you're dreading the experience, never fear; we're here to help. Below, we've rounded up tips from experienced moms designed to help you keep your holiday spirit.

Time your trip
The reason why we're posting these travel tips so early in the season is because the most important thing you do on your trip might be the booking itself. Travel + Leisure says fly when you're baby's likely to be at his or her happiest: mornings. Not only will your little one be in better humor, you're less likely to encounter flight delays severe enough to leave you stranded in the airport.

Wait to board
Who hasn’t been at their gate and felt a little envious of the families with young children who get to board first? It seems like a luxury to get to just glide on without standing in line, that is until you read the advice from Cup of Jo blog. She advises families wait as long as possible before boarding. Her thought: why sit in the confined space of the plane with antsy kids any longer than necessary? Good point!

Go hands free
This tip is especially important for any parents embarking on air travel alone with baby. Frugal Woods has had success wearing her baby in a carrier and using her stroller as a dolly to transport carry-ons, her purse, etc. Even if you and your spouse will be a team throughout your journey, an extra set of hands is always welcome.

Do your homework
By now you're probably well versed in acceptable sizes for your shampoo and face wash, but if you've never flown with an infant before, you may not know the guidelines regarding baby essentials in the air. Before you go, double check TSA rules regarding formula and milk, how to pack it and the screening process.

Travel light
Ok, there's no such thing as traveling light when you have a baby in tow but you can travel lighter, according to Austin Expecting. She suggests researching companies that rent the items like cribs and car seats in your destination city. With airline rules about what you can bring—not to mention how much they'll charge you for the privilege—getting rentals might be the best way to keep baby safe and comfy at grandma's.

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