Planning a Babymoon
Kissy Kissy
December 20, 2016

Before your party of two becomes a party of three, consider scheduling some time away with your sweetie. As much as your pregnancy is the start of something wonderful, it's also the end of a chapter between you and your partner. Celebrate this big change with a trip to remember. To help you plan, we've rounded up some of our favorite tips from the babymoon experts:

Timing is everything
Prior to pregnancy, your main concern when timing a trip would be whether the weather would cooperate. While that's still something to think about, now you'll want to also consider the changes you experience as you progress through your trimesters. The pregnancy gurus at What to Expect suggest the second trimester when you're (hopefully) feeling less queasy but aren't yet feeling immobile. But if you're flying, double check your airline's pregnancy travel restrictions to make sure you comply.

Pick your destination
Deciding where to go is always the hardest—and most fun part. Think about your budget, the amount of time you have and your bucket list. Travel + Leisure suggests you not shy away from that exotic locale. Just consider practical concerns like your pregnancy food restrictions and CDC warnings. And be realistic. While you may feel like it'll be your last opportunity to visit a far-flung land, consider how comfortable you will be on a long plane ride. And of course, get your doctor's ok.

Be safe, not sorry
Chances are your babymoon will go off without a hitch, but just in case, The Bump says do your research on the medical services in your destination city. Take your doctor's contact information with you in case he or she needs to be consulted. And keep the local hospital info on you while you're away.

Pack in the pretty
Whether you choose the beach or the mountains, you'll definitely want to be comfortable. But also, consider putting a little extra effort in on your wardrobe, hair and makeup. After the baby comes, you'll have less time to primp so don't forget to pamper yourself now. Check out A Pea in the Pod's handy packing guide for tropical locations.

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