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Q. Where can I find Kissy Kissy?
Kissy Kissy is sold in better boutiques and department stores throughout the United States, Europe, Great Britain, Japan, Russia, Hong Kong, South Korea, Australia, Mexico, the Middle East and Central and South America. To find a store near you in the United States, use our Store Locator. For inquiries outside the U.S., please message us with your country/region.

Q. What makes Kissy Kissy clothes so soft?
We credit our incredible softness to our special Peruvian Pima cotton. It's unmatched because the longer fiber length results in a more durable fabric that gives off a slight luster and produces a luxurious texture.

Q. How and where is Kissy Kissy produced?
Kissy Kissy is designed in the United States and made in Peru! Kissy Kissy owner Roxana Castillo lives in the U.S. but she's from Peru, and she’s proud to be able to support her homeland in this way. The factories we partner with are top in class, and with each purchase, you help create consistent, safe and friendly employment opportunities for the women, men, moms and dads who work there. Kissy Kissy is committed to bringing the best quality product to our customers while being socially responsible in regards to workers’ rights and all regulations pertaining to the environment. Our garments are produced in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Business Alliance for Secure Commerce (BASC), a partnership between business and U.S. Customs created to promote safe international trade. The factories, freight forwarder and quality control company in Peru that Kissy Kissy works with all hold BASC certifications. Additionally, our merchandise is tested on an ongoing basis by third party accredited laboratories approved by the Consumer Products Safety Commission, and our products always exceed the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act standards In coordination with the quality control company in Peru, we are able to closely monitor the factories with which we work. We make sure they abide by Fair Trade regulations. The Fair Trade movement works to ensure cotton farmers are paid a fair price and workers are paid fair wages (rather than minimum wage) and are treated fairly.

Q. How should I care for my Kissy Kissy wardrobe?
Kissy Kissy garments are made to last. To help get the longest use from your items, we recommend you machine wash them in cold water on the gentle cycle—no bleach. And tumble dry on low.

Q. What size should I get for my baby?
Please see our size chart to learn how our baby clothing and kids’ pajamas fit.

Q. What do I do if I have a question about an item I’ve purchased?
You can always reach us via the message function on this site. Or feel free to email us at

Q. I have a print I really love but my baby has outgrown it. How can I locate the same item in a larger size?
We love that you feel so connected to your Kissy Kissy garment but please note that most of the prints in our line are seasonal so they are only available for a short time. But before you despair, please message us with a description or photo of the pattern you love along with the size you need and the style you’d like. From there, we can let you know if we can locate the item or suggest something similar you might like.

Q. What sizes do you offer?
Kissy Kissy baby clothes range from preemie through size 4T for boys and girls, though some styles are not offered in the full size range. Our two-piece pajama sets are sized from 12-18months to 6. (Please note: many of the prints in our pajamas can also be found in baby sizes to help you create coordinating sibling looks.) Please see our size chart to help you figure out which size you need for your child.

Q. Why don't you sell direct to consumer?
Being a shop owner is hard. We know this because before Kissy Kissy, we owned a baby boutique. From that experience, we decided to always be on the side of our retail partners. And for us, that means not competing with them. We like that we’re helping protect the livelihood of store owners and their employees.

Q. I have a retail store. How can I contact you about carrying Kissy Kissy in my store?
Thank you for your interest in Kissy Kissy. Please email us at with your store name and location.

Q. I’d love for my baby to be a Kissy Kissy model. Can I submit his/her picture?
Thanks for your interest. We’d love to see your little darling, but we generally only conduct photo shoots twice a year—and we do them in Peru.

Q. I’d like to share a picture of my baby in Kissy Kissy. What’s your policy for submitted photos?
We’d love to see your children in Kissy Kissy! Feel free to post them on Instagram, tagging us with @kissykissybaby, post them on our Facebook wall or email them to But before you do, please review our user content terms, as listed on this site.

Q. How can I keep up with the latest collections?
We create loads of styles each season. In addition to checking the lookbook on this site, you can sign up for our newsletter, which offers a glimpse of our recent groupings. Also, follow us on Instagram (as well as #kissykissybaby), where you can see the newest deliveries posted by our stores, and on Facebook, where we create albums filled with the must-have looks for the season.

Q. I see that Kissy Kissy hosts and collaborates on a lot of contests. What are the rules for participating and winning?
We love giving Kissy Kissy away! We feel the best way for moms to fall in love with our product is through experience with it so there are lots of ways to win. For contests hosted by a retailer partner or blogger, the rules are as stated by that store or person. For Kissy Kissy hosted giveaways, you can find our contest rules outlined on this site.

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